Featured Cocktails

Dirty Blonde

Raspberry Stoli and Sour Raspberry topped with Pineapple juice and Sprite

Wet Dream

Absolut, Malibu rum & Crème de Banane. Pineapple and Apple juice. Shaken in martini shaker then served in martini glass

Beach Pail of Long Island Ice Tea

3 oz. of Long Island mix. Top off pail with Coke and Lime juice. Only $10.50

Tequila Sunrise

1 oz. of ElToril tequila topped with Orange juice and grenadine

Vodka Slime

1 oz of vodka. 1 oz of lime juice topped off with sprite.

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Bubble Gum

Blue Curacao. Crème de Banane. Irish Cream liquor. Served in shot glass.

Red Headed Slut

Jager & Sour Raspberry served in shot glass.

Dirty Hooker

Sour Raspberry and Crème de Banane served in a shot glass

Apple Pie

Sour Apple and Butterscotch topped of with cinnamon served in a shot glass.

Crunch Shot

Rim shot glass with chocolate sauce. Add Dubliner Irish Whiskey and Irish Cream.

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